Lobsang Can

You are a Champion!

Lobsang  Can

The  day has come, Lobsang,  to show that you too are  made of sterner stuff.  After years of toil and sweat right from your childhood till today you have done well so far.

You were the part of the team to make ideal H.S. School the champion in the basketball tournament in the grand final on 18th December 2o11 in Kathmandu valley.  And that was an achievement for the entire Ideal family. You made all of us proud.

It seems that you pluck the strings of the guitar and rattles the drum sticks.  You sang the Hindi song of the 3 idiots on the Holi Festival. All the juniors were cheering you while you and Anup were performing  on the stage. You really brightened up the atmosphere that day to delight all the young ones.  You have inspired the juniors to strive forward towards the goal to be somebody in this world.

You were nominated as the best drummer and the best inter personal skill of the year on the 16th graduation ceremony  of the SLC batch and you obtianed award on that eventful day.  This shows that God has given you talents like anybody else. You just need to bring it out from the hidden corner of your heart.

Now you need to add some more stamina, because you need more energy towards the finishing line in the game of life in this world. And your finishing line for the moment is SLC final examination.  You have attempted all the exams in the past. But on the 6th of June 2011,in your first –mid- term exam you know well what went wrong with you regarding  your health.

Mr. Binit Aryal, the co-coordinator, teacher was kind enough to inform me about your health.

Your health has improved since then. You have experienced the positive changes in your health, for certain period you had stopped taking the medicine too which you had been taking for the last four years. I’ve heard that you had been taken again to the hospital and have to continue the medicine again for the same ailment.

The reason is very simple: you had stopped practicing what you have been taught and the book I gave you to read, but just reading the book is not enough.  Practical living through acquired knowledge is a challenge. So you have started again.  Relentlessly strive forward and continue the practice. Physical discipline is the first discipline in the world.  Do you remember the name Five Tibetan Yoga, the book?

Rustam and Razia patel heard about the Five Tibetans from a friend who had suffered three heart attacks. Completely recovered, he credited his transformation to these five ‘rejuvenating rites’.  When the couple’s inquiries in Mumbai drew a blank, Razia made use of a trip to America to return armed with books and cassettes on the subject. As a result Rustam saw an improvement in his slip disc, and Razia found that her spondylitis got cured. “We started sharing our knowledge with other friends who found it so helpful that we started teaching formally.” Recalls Razia, who besides having students at home, also holds workshops for corporate houses”.

“So what are the Five Tibetans? Especially a set of five health boosting exercises that claim to rejuvenate the body and mind, they were first published in 1939 in a book, The Five Rites of Rejuvenation by Peter Kelder. The book is a fantastic account of about an enigmatic retired British officer (Kelder calls him Colonel Bradford) who, obsessed with finding the fabled ‘fountain of youth’, lands up in Tibet. There, living in a Buddhist monastery, he is initiated into these exercises—the secret rites that were supposed to deepen the lamas in a state of perpetually youthful health”.

“Kelder reports that Colonel Bradford came back looking so much younger that Kelder did not even recognize him! The Colonel, either due to lack of acumen or perhaps a newly acquired monastic disdain for worldly fortunes taught the exercises only in a few close friends, leaving Kelder to capitalize on the knowledge he had stumbled upon.  Selling the promise of eternal youth coupled with the romantic allure of the esoteric East, Kelder’s book caught the attention of the West where the exercises became quite popular”.

The above text is extracted from an article by Roozbeh Gazder in the Life Positive, a monthly magazine published from India, issue April 2004.

Every month I bought  magazine in the quest of my thirst for spirituality from a book stall in  Boudhanath, the world heritage site, located to the north of Kathmandu  Most of the materials I have read in the magazines have immensely helped to grow my inner self. Among them The Five Tibetans by Roozbeh  Gazdar happens to be one. I started doing those five exercises.  I had skin allergy and knee pain for more than five years.   After doing these Five Tibetans, I had a drastic improvement in my health within a week.

But I was not regular in practicing after gaining my health.  I went looking for the book itself in the book stores of the whole Kathmandu valley.  I didn’t get it.  I had in my mind to buy it someday anyhow.

Last year in the month of February. 2011 I was invited to work for a newly  established Travel Company in Thamel, the hub of tourism industry.  I had a short stint of two months with them after a break of about twelve years in the tourism industry. During this period, I stumbled into Sagun Book Shop which sells second hand books, behind hotel Malla.  I found only one copy of the book, Fountain of Youth, by Peter Kelder.  I couldn’t believe it. I was very lucky.

Immediately I bought it, and read it to assimilate the knowledge deep into my mind.  I amended the posture of the third rites, and again I have continued the Five Tibetans.

An adult students of my morning  English class were taught.  Within a week, one of them who had massive body pain, got relieved from it. He had been suffering for about five to six years.  And I taught the fifth rites to  a person who had voice blockade due to the operation in his throat. He too got his voice back.  His voice returned to normal within a week!

The next person is you Lobsang, whom I taught and shared this knowledge from the book I had bought in Thamel. That was guided by an article I had read in 2004, the Life Positive Magazine.  Yes, I Know there was a gap of about six years may be to have that book.  But I had not set my sight away from my goal to buy that book.  No matter how long it would take.  I have got it and you too have read it.

Now to continue for the best of best in your life is, yours.

So goes to  all of you who are going to appear SLC tomorrow.  All of you have worked hard, believe it you’re going to get the results, they way you’ve sown  the seeds of your persistence, diligence, and the attitude of relentlessly striving forward to achieve your goal in life.

Wish you all the best for your success.

May the Infinite always abide in your heart and lead you towards the light.

Take charge!