I was Born in Jogmani, the eastern part of Nepal. attended St. Paul Rangapara. Don Bosco High School. Mukti Datha Seminary, Tezpur College, Tezpur,Assam from  mid 60s to the end of 80s.

Above the average students in the school, college and seminary. got appointed as the captain in the class room, in house captain in the school and the seminary.

Participated in outdoor games and sports, represented school football games and district games, acted in four English drama conducted by late Fr. Christopher Benedict, member of church choir and drummer in the music band.

Migrated to Nepal in the beginning of the 80s to play in the open university of life. Unexpected events took place in my life which were all momentary. 1 + 1=2  is right in the classroom only, but in the university of life, 1+1= Infinite. And it’s not only for me, but for all fellow beings on earth. It took some time to understand the phenomena of the outside world  and adapt my inner self  to new location called Nepal and  move on adjusting to the right time, right situation and right circumstances.

All these unexpected events in the family and the work experiences, as advertising representative,  marketing consumer products, guiding the people from distance lands in remote parts of Nepal , traveling all over Nepal, teaching English to the adult students, counseling the young minds, reading books on spirituality, meeting the spiritual gurus and always stay focused on value based education in Nepal and the world and do what I can about it. All these could be  possible due the power from Infinite.

My parents, my uncle late S. B. Lama and his family,  Late John Barla,the first English teacher, Fr.Domic, the first rector of St. Paul’s Rangapara, Late,Bishop Orestus Marengo,Bishop Joseph Mithathany of Tezpur diocese ,Fr.Chacko Acharya kulamkutil, Late Fr. Christopher Benedict, Fr. Francis Xavier, Fr. John Mulamgotra from Assam.

Fr. Bill Robins, Fr. Mueller and Dr. Y. B. Shrestha the compiler of Right living. Astrologer Ojh Raj Lohani and Swami Chandresh in Nepal.

My wife and my son and my wife’s simpleton family from Boudhanath,

And all the  fellow beings whom I have passed by while making a constant journey ahead towards the  destiny of unknown with energy for growing wiser and wiser every day.

I am indebted to them and I am always grateful for all the pain and pleasure of life which are always mine and got it due to my own thoughts and deeds.

The world is a huge football ground, had many slips and falls, But still keep on moving  not hurting any soul. Because  I am being here. There is no escape. I have to face the challenges alone and play the game of life with courage and determination every moment of my life.

First I believe in the Infinite power above and second in myself.

I am always grateful to the Infinite above for giving me this wonderful opportunity to play the game of life.